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Agony of a Father

The other day, he was trying to be me,

I smiled in pride for a young life looks upto me

Soon, the smile withered away leaving behind a pain

for I know who I am, he may not

I know my demons,

I know my phoniness, my shallowness

I know my dark alleys..

although all of it, I know how to hide to the world and display otherwise

but for my child...who is following my shadow..

God, is that's what he will grow upto..

try as i may, the deeper learning is inevitable,

I will end up bestowing him with all that has made me into this unhappy, frustrated man..

how painful, how unfair is this violence

oh, I so wish I can become a god, or at least a man worthy of imitation..

but I am simply left with this agony to live with and just watch the perfect soul being crippled.

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