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Cognitive Activist Jinan KB on How we damage Children

In the very first post of this website, I said when deciding what should be the first blog of a website that is meant to facilitate learning in parents , the choice was easy - The Continumm Concept of Jean Liedloff. In that blog here ,we saw how Jean was transformed when she was exposed to natural world of tribals in the forest. It changed her forever and she could clearly see the adversial modern parenting.

Now, if there is someone I know who follows a very similar life journey in the other other hemisphere that's Jinan KB from India. Jinan KB was also educated in premier institutes in India considered himself a victim of "Modernity". Coincidentally , he got a chance to spend time with tribals in India and just like Jean, it transformed him forever. He has been relentlessly working for past 3 decades now to make people aware about the damages we are inflicting unto children through our modern day parenting and compulsory schooling. You may explore his foundation's website and his youtube Channel from this this video below is posted -

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