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Every child is a reminder of the Paradise we are losing.

I wonder at times why people don't act, why people don't change inspite of the myriads of crisis that we face today. One explanation I found little convincing is the inferior image we hold of our paradise. Today, our definition of a "Good life" or even the picture of a potential paradise is so deeply compromised.

People are content just with a basic livelihood, some money in the pocket, a little bit of artificial fame , a tiny vacation once in a while and a little bit of superficial charity at the end of it all !

If we ask people their picture of paradise , their definition of a good life - they fail to think beyond a certain boundary. The boundary is too shallow to what's human potential.

Our air is polluted, we continue to inhale without much worry.

Our water, soil, food is poisoned we continue to be suicidal without much guilt.

Our life is sad, frustrating - we continue to carry the burden.

Our education and modern parenting is stifling children - we still continue with it.

Each child reminds us of the potential we all hold inside. The paradise we were born with but lost it in the process of growing up. A child is absolutely alive, joyful every single moment, excited every single day that too with the very mundane life, child is full of love , compassion, intelligence and creativity.

Just look at the face of a child who's not yet become a part of our rotten system, and you see wonder, you see magic , you see a glimpse of highest possibility of human beings.

Yet, we consider them to exceptions and us and our lives to be "normal". Soon we indoctrinate them into a mediocre beings like us.

Shouldn't it be the other way round ? That instead of dumbing them down, we try to liven ourselves up ?

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