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Stand up Comedy delivers lovely message on Parenting

Well here is a lighter post for a change - an Indian stand up comedy puts forwards some really interesting jokes on parenting and how we raise children. But for the open minded, there are beautiful messages delivered effectively on parenting and raising children in this video. The video is in Hindi with English Subtitles. Enjoy ! :-)

Check out the Video first and then you may read my comments below after the video -

What I really find interesting in this video are these humorous yet real facts -

  1. We have really become too paranoid these days about how to raise kids. We are too bothered , just too concerned. We've lost our spontaneity , our effortless art of parenting.

  2. Inspite of best efforts of parents - children grow up to different individuals. So while parenting has its impact, we must not ignore what the child brings with herself or himself right from the womb. Indic wisdom talks about Sanskars that one carries from previous births or other experiences.

  3. Both the parents wish to treat child - just right ! They want to be loving , sensitive and extra caring towards the child but there is hardly any awareness about the behavior towards each other. This is really important. Children observe and imbibe values and behavior from adults around them. If you really love, respect and care for your spouse - there is very high chance that children will learn it without you even telling them anything.

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