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An indispensable talk on Parenting - The Continuum Concept

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

I've been thinking which would make perfect first blog post for Upbringers and it wasn't difficult to zero in on this interview of Jean Liedloff - author of a very unusual and beautiful book on parenting called "The Continumm Concept".

Jean coincidently happen to visit and spend sometime with tribals in South American Jungle. What she observed there coupled with her own journey evolved a totally fresh perspective on parenting.

In the book and in this video she shares her observations of modern parenting which she calls "Adversial Parenting" and compares with the natural way of parenting of the tribals.

She raises some very fundamental questions about how we look at Human nature and how we raise our children. While some of us may find it too radical or too impractical, there is no doubt that you will never be the same father or mother if you can just watch this interview or read the book even once , with slightly open mind.

The book is also available for free download from Arvind Gupta's website , the link is provided below :

Download PDF • 576KB

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